I have worked as a senior economist for Westpac and St.George Bank for around a decade, which has included analysing the economy and financial markets. A big part of the job was communicating what was going on in the economy, and working out what was going to happen.

Writing independently, I now hope to rediscover what I enjoyed about economics. I also want to use this space is one avenue in which to explore different ways in which economics can be delivered. The ultimate aim? To bring economics to light in a way which is going to be interesting and relevant to every day people.

Last week, the Australian dollar was the worst performing currency among G10 currencies, touching below 72 US cents and hitting its lowest in ten months.

There are numerous reasons to explain recent weakness. Firstly, the global economic outlook has deteriorated with the resurgence in covid-19 and the impact on global…

The arguments for and against Bitcoin have been extremely polarising. It might be because there is a cult-like air among those that think of Bitcoin as being the way of the future or how its meteoric rise in price has attracted scammers and brought about a number of rags-to-riches stories.

Janu Chan

As an economist within financial services for over a decade, I am looking for ways in which to bring economics in a more interesting way to every day people

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